About the project

We STEM because we can.

Wonders of Our World

This project has many purposes. The most important purpose of all turned out to be fun both children and teachers are having in the magnificent process of creating, learning and teaching. While discovering and interpreting some of the wonders of our world, we learn a lot about ourselves, too. Join us! 

the Topics We Are Working on

STEM Influencers is an eTwinning project that was created by a Croatian and an Italian English teacher. It gathered twenty other teachers from Croatia, Italy and Turkey and the energy began to sparkle more vividly. The magic was born!

Using English as Lingua Franca, students and teachers work on different topics and make short video lessons about them. The lessons deal with different levels of scientific competence, but what they all have in common are simplicity, clarity and elements of beautiful. We hope to touch and move young people into the field of worldly wonders, or to put it briefly, we hope to become STEM influencers. Piece of cake, right?

Here is the dictionary you might need for watching the videos:

Vladimir Nazor Primary School, Čepin, Croatia. 
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