Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu Zonguldak, Ereğli

ortak okul

We organized an event to build the strongest and tallest tower with STEM education 

We carried out our activity by applying STEM steps with the activity we prepared, and examined the features of the tallest and strongest tower. We talked about the importance of a building having solid foundations. We presented our event for evaluation with the quizz we prepared.

we created the fastest moving vehicle that works with air, we planned our project first, then we created it, we raced last and chose the fastest vehicle, then we explained the pros and cons of our project and the points that need to be improved.

We learned the heat insulation materials and the importance of thermal insulation as an application with thermos construction.

We planned and drew the activity we were going to do, we cut one end of the cable by establishing a simple electrical circuit, we tried the items we were curious about, and we separated the materials as conductors and insulators according to whether the bulb would burn or not.

Cumhuriyet secondary school students created a joint product by translating the presentation that they prepared as a power point presentation, which introduced their district, into STEM Picture Dictionary 

Vladimir Nazor Primary School, Čepin, Croatia. 
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