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Ph.D. Lidija Šaravanja, teacher advisor.

I am an English teacher in Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Čepin. My special field of interest is linguistics, but there are a lot of other topics I like both professionally and personally - sports, food, math, AI, animals, nature etc. I love my job very much, but I also enjoy my free time and always wish it lasted a bit longer.

Maja Jurić-Babaja, M.Sc. et inf., teacher advisor

I am a mathematics and computer science teacher at Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Čepin. I love everything about technology, I enjoy the benefits of using technology, and I teach students to use everything at our disposal safely, prudently and wisely. I also love and enjoy untouched nature. I enjoy doing projects like this where we connect technology and nature and show students the benefits of both.

Tajana Bundara, teacher mentor

I am an English and German teacher at Ivan Lucić High School in Trogir, Croatia. I enjoy working on different projects and creating educational materials. My work is my passion. My students are my inspiration. They open the gate of the imagination, critical thinking and collaboration for me.

Gönül KESKİN-Ödemiş Üç Eylül Boarding District Secondary School/ Science Teacher

Hello, I am Gönül KESKİN. I am a science teacher at Ödemiş Üç Eylül Regional Boarding Secondary School. I love learning with my students. I am interested in new teaching methods, project work, physics, nature, biology, astronomy and space studies. In this sense, eTwinning makes a great contribution to my professional and personal development.

Mehtap IŞITAN/ Çaybaşı Anatolian İmam Hatip High School/Math Teacher

Hello, I am Mehtap IŞITAN. I am a primary school mathematics teacher at Çaybaşı Anatolian Imam Hatip High School. I love spending time with students. We are very excited about our first project in e twinning. I believe we can achieve great things together.


I am a science teacher at Cumhuriyet Secondary School, my teacher of 25 years, I am very interested in science, technology and STEM activities. In 2018, I won the middle school research competition. I received STEM education from the teacher academy foundation and I am trying to spread this education.It is my greatest desire to make my students love science and to give them the desire to realize their imagination.

Ingrid Mak Propadalo

I am a school librarian in Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Čepin. I love books and reading. Reading books open a whole new world. I also love teaching children how to be kind, how to enjoy life, to respect each other and care about our planet.

Suzana Tolić, teacher mentor

I teach English at Primary School Cvjetno in Briješće near the town of Osijek in Croatia. I love taking part in creative challenges, exploring new ways of teaching and learning, as well as helping those in need. I enjoy doing projects, such as this one, which encourage my students to use their knowledge and skills in ways that will enrich and develop their way of thinking. 

Natalia Caracci, teacher at Emanuele Armaforte Secondary School

I am an English teacher at Emanuele Armaforte School, in Altofonte, a small town in Sicily-Italy. I love spending my time outdoor, doing sport, walking or gardening. I also like challenges and my job is the biggest one. Indeed it offers both teachers and students several opportunities of doing new interesting experiences and widening the cultural horizons.

Melita Bungić, a school pedagogist

I am a pedagogue at the Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Čepin. In my work, I am most pleased to work directly with students - they are a wonderful source of new ideas, laughter, love and knowledge. I believe in the idea of lifelong learning so I look forward to new things and participating in many projects.

I am looking forward to this adventure, too!

Dejan Peroković, teacher advisor

My name is Dejan Peroković, I am a teacher advisor and a Physics teacher at Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Čepin. I am interested in various technological innovations and popularization of science. In teaching I always prefer experiments. I try to answer all the questions by my students about science and technology development.

Dubravka Zebec

I am an English teacher at Primary School Josip Kozarac in Josipovac Punitovački, a small village near Đakovo. I teach pupils aged 7-14. I am here to improve my work, get new ideas and tips for teaching. Also, I would like to make new acquaintances and get involved in projects. I am very interested in creating appealing and innovative activities for students and sharing ideas with teachers all over Europe. In my free time, nature is where I love to spend time and reduce stress.

Semra Kayaalp-Galip Öztürk Secondary School /Turkey 

I am Semra Kayaalp from Turkey,Samsun.I study at Galip Öztürk Secondary School as a English Teacher.I have been teaching 13 years.I want to learn new things and share our experiences.

Alenka Taslak, teacher advisor

I am an English and German teacher in Primary School Dora Pejačević in Našice. I am enthusiastic about Microsoft tools and I often implement new technology in my classes to develop international collaboration, to inspire students' creativity and to spark their innovative ideas.

Vladimir Nazor Primary School, Čepin, Croatia. 
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